Friday, September 21, 2007

Fish & Co 2

It's JN's birthday this saturday, so I decided to jio her out for a dinner at Fish & Co.

She already had something heavy lunch with her colleagues (who also chose to celebrate with her today) so she wanted to go for something light for her dinner.

I was laughing frantically (sorry, JN. It's really funny lor) when her dish arrived. It was such a biiigg portion! It just doesn't fit her expectations... and mine too. :P

I didn't want to take a photo but decided to, just for memory's sake. hehs! Look how helpless J (in blue) was, looking at the swordfish collar she was served, with her hands by her side? kekeke okies, I made that up. I think she was trying to stay out of the photo I am taking. Hee...

The fish doesn't look appetising to me too. I kept asking her to order another one, but she felt so obliged to finish up this plate. Oh ya, It was during this visit to Fish & Co that I realised I have been shortchanged! They forgot to serve fries with my Sweet and Sour Fish back in AMK. Hmph!!

Anyway, I was really a blur sotong that day. I asked her out for a workout at Cali after dinner and it turned out that we cannot enter because this is a 'Jacky Chan' Cali and not the normal Cali in Orchard and Raffles. -_-".

It was kinda a blessing in disguise, though, because this two chatty women are not done with their conversation after dinner yet. So it was yakkety yakkety yak over a plate of banana split all the way till 10 plus! :P

Happy birthday, JN! :)

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