Friday, September 14, 2007

Curry Favour

We felt relieved, happy and a lil' excited as the 5-figure problem that has been causing so much tension is finally solved. *phew* It was really a close shave indeed. This is when I really feel that '船到桥头自然直'

We decided to have a good dinner. We took a 5 minute walk to Curry Favour. I love the name, really. Though in real life, this is an act I despise. :P

It was first introduced by my brother, who was full of praises for this restaurant near his workplace. I took his 'must-try' recommendation the last time I came and wasn't too impressed. The main courses that we ordered this time round were certainly better.



Cheese Katsu (Pork Filet) Curry (9/10)

My hub ordered this.

I notice he likes cheese quite a bit. Given a choice, he would certainly pick food with cheese than without. He loves to order nachos with cheese whenever we go for movies. I wonder if there is any correlation between his liking for cheese and the 'cheesy' movies he watches. :P

Hire (Pork Filet) Katsu Curry (9/10)

I shouldn't have attempted to pronounce the name when I ordered this dish. You've guessed it. I pronounced it as 'higher' and was immediately corrected by the waitress as 'Heeray'. So maloo. >_<

The sauce doesn't taste as thick as it looks, which is good. Not too spicy even for someone like me. The pork taste pretty much the same as the cheese katsu curry, just that it comes without the cheese. Overall a very satisfying meal.

Friendly staff we have here.

Nothing very special

$45+ for two plates of 'pork and rice'... kinda expensive. The taste somehow make up for it.

39 Stamford Road,
#01-08/09, Stamford House

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