Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mini Steamboat Delight

It has been our favourite ever since we tried it many years ago. Once in a while, whenever we have cravings for steamboat, we will head down to Parkway Parade. Never mind the distance, never mind the time. Till today, we have yet find another that serves such a fantastic soup base.



Chicken / Tom Yam soup base (10/10)

We always like to have the 'double sided' version. We will try both soup bases, but usually I will use the chicken soup more often, while my hub, the tom yam. It's very addictive. One sip of the soup and you can't stop.

They sell the food on a per plate basis. Mostly around the range of S$2. Our usual orders are Tau Pok (a must!), Thin slices of pork (a must too!), Fish dumplings, Fishballs, Meatballs.

It's not in the photo, but the rice is fantastic. It not the normal white rice, but those chicken flavoured rice. I can eat the rice on its own, without any dishes to go along. No kidding. I hardly come across this kind of rice anymore. The last time I had rice of this flavour and texture is in Golden Mile Basement. But that was more than 20 years back? I was only 6 or 7. I can still remember that I ate 3 big bowls of rice over steamboat back then. Getting nostalgic...

Everything in action... 10/10!

Not very friendly in allocating seats.

Brightly litted, but too squeezy. Have to share tables.

Pretty reasonable

Parkway Parade

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