Saturday, September 1, 2007

Petit Provence

As I entered the shop, I was greeted by this sign.

"Wassants sold out"

I glanced at the time on my phone. Geez... it's only 1pm? I presume that Wassants is their signature pastry, but even to sell anything out at this early hour only goes to show how popular this shop is!

I walked around for quite some time, trying to spot the pastries that were introduced in the "Fatty superman" show on Channel 8 a few weeks ago. Not any that I could recall. Finally, I decided to choose this pastry.

"Milk" Pastry (8/10)

I can't remember the name, but there was a 'milk' in it. Boy, it was good. The crust is as crispy as it seems and the milk and egg filling is soft and sweet. Quite simliar to the fillings of an egg tart.


The cashiers were smiley and fast.

Very cosy feeling (in terms of light and the squeeziness of the crowd :P)

Reasonable ($1+)

Petit Provence
17A Lorong Liput
Holland Village


ice said...

hi told you muz make reservations for the wassants @ provence in hv!!this is how hot their wassants are!

anyway the branch petit provence@the central kinda specializes in selling their wassants..but don't go too late lor..go early afternoon..if not you won't see them too! lol! ^_^

Food Lover said...

Thx, Ice! But will they take small orders like 1 or 2? :P

ice said...

haha that i won't know! why don't you try calling? but usually i see those packed wassants come in more than 1 or 2 lor!

think you go get @ petit provence lah..easier to get there coz they bake more there i think..check this out!

Food Lover said...

Hey Ice, went to Petit Provence @ Clarke Quay today. hahah Will blog abt it later. Thanks!