Saturday, September 1, 2007

Nasi Lemak @ Holland Village

Everybody's heard about the Nasi Lemak in Holland Village. Or at least, through the drama series 'Holland Village' a few years back?

I hardly go to Holland Village. So when I went there, I knew I must have that famous Nasi Lemak for lunch.


Nasi Lemak (9/10)

Just the following photo does it huh?

I wanted to stop at 3 dishes, but just couldn't help to order one more. The good thing about this stall is that it allows you to choose more peanuts because the peanuts and ikan bilis were kept separate.

All the dishes were superb, but what outshined them was actually the coconut rice! I seldom came across such soft, fragrant coconut rice and I was full of smiles for each bite I took.


Pretty prompt

Very kopitiam feel. I thought that it would be very crowded and left with no seats, but nah, I managed to get myself seated comfortably without anybody sitting beside.

$4+. I thought it's pretty reasonable in terms of the location and the good taste I was experiencing.

29B, Lorong Liput
Holland Village

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