Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hip Diner USA

License to Wed. This is a comedy that made me laugh and the same movie that made me cry till my body shook. Honestly, I guess I was alone in the cinema where crying is concerned :P - But the male lead who initially drew cartoons on his wedding vow book actually wrote his long wedding vows in big letters across the beach to show his sincerity. Tell me that's not touching at all? Ok, nvm. :P

With my emotions (all my laughing and crying) overflowing, this is one good show which is worth every cent of the expensive $9.50 ticket we paid. And it went way beyond the value when we used our movie ticket stubs to enjoy the offer of having a 1-for-1 set meal at Hip Diner USA.



Corn Soup (7/10)
I have never liked corn soup, though the people I am closest to (my mother and husband) likes corn. I gave it a try at Hip Diner, nevertheless, and I must say it's good!

Mixed Grill (8/10)
"Can't decide whether you want a bacon, a sausage, a dory fish or grilled chicken for the main course? Fret not! Mixed Grilled provides everything you desire. All in one plate!"

Sounds like some cheesy late night advertisement? Lol! But yeah, this is what you will get in a Mixed Grilled plate. And if the main courses are not enough, you can have mixed vegetables, a sunny-side up and mashed potatoes to go along. A very complete meal for you to eat to your heart's content!

To top things off, the food has a quality to match its quantity and variety. I especially like the seemingly-ordinary-but-yummy-dory-fish and the crispy bacon. Shiok!

It's in 80s deco, with a touch of modern feel. I love those chairs. I was eyeing them to match my dining table more than a year ago, but had to give up because the chairs costs like $200? each!


Not too bad

$20+ for two! The discount plays an important role in pushing the price down. *yay*

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