Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wakashachiya Curry Udon

There are so many places with similar names (either in spelling or pronunciation) in this small island of ours. There are

1) Holiday Inn Park View (Orchard) vs Holiday Inn Atrium (Outram),
2) Grand Plaza Park Hotel (Coleman) vs Grand Plaza Park Royal (Kitchener/Beach Road)
3) Loyang (East) vs Lokyang (West)
4) Meritus Mandarin (Orchard) vs Mandarin Marina (Marina)
5) The Central vs Central Mall (both in Clarke Quay Area)

Us : Uncle, The Central
Taxi Uncle : Central Mall?
Us (thinking mall is just a word that Uncle added to show that he knows it is a shopping centre) : Hmm.. ya.
Us (just to make sure) : Clarke Quay there

We ended up in some ulu building. We were rather doubtful of being dropped at the correct place, but alighted because Uncle was very firm that it is the Central Mall. Indeed, it is. Coincidentally, it is somewhere near Clarke Quay, as what we have told Uncle.

So near, and yet so far, that is. We had a 15 minutes walk before reaching 'The Central'. By then, we were already famished. The restaurant that my hub wanted to bring me to was full and it was going to be a half an hour wait. Our growling stomach told us that we have to come back for that restaurant some other days.

There were queues everywhere and only Wakashachiya Curry Udon was without one. We were hesitant about going in because no queue means food quality is not as good? But I was pleasantly surprised.



Prawn Tempura Curry Udon

Pork Cutlet Curry Udon (8/10)
It was so delicious, I wonder why there aren't any queues forming. The curry is mild and not too thick. It was a big bowl, but I managed to gobble down everything in it. :9

It was one long stretch of seatings across the longish-shaped restaurant, allowing very little space for privacy. Overall, the lighting and the deco are simple but pleasant. What's worth mentioning is that they are showing Japanese variety shows on the TV. This is something new and interesting for a change.

Smiley and attentive staff

Pretty reasonable

The Central
Eu Tong Sen Street #03-92


iva said...

Curry Udon looks good.

Food Lover said...

Yeah, it is! I gobbled down everything in that bowl. Thanks for visiting. :)

Viv said...

I went there after reading a food review on it from magazine. I was also surprisingly pleased with the food there in inspite of its "queue-less" entrance. haha. I found it pretty expesive though. like $25 per pax for a bowl of udon.

I am delightedly excited to come across your website! A dream website which I have always want to construct as my 'daily dining journal'. Nevertheless, I have been really lazy to start on it.

Wonderful website! :)

Food Lover said...

Welcome to my blog, Viv! :)

S$25 per pax? I don't recall it costs so much. Perhaps I wasn't paying for the meal that day. Opps... kekeke

I have seen your website. It's an interesting read! Realised that we have quite a few things in common! :)

ice said...

woa all thanx to you..i went there the other day to eat! hot! hot! but nice!

then after that eat ice cream..wahaha!

Food Lover said...

Read your post on this. hahah I would be very skeptical too if there were no other customers around!

I noticed that we have very similar tastes. We like wassants, curry udon, but don't really like pasta de waraku. :) I have heard of quite a few who dislike curry udon and love the food at pasta de waraku. >.<

ice said...

eh the wassants part not very true...i dun really fancy them..i prefer the flakier croissants. they have leh!! the mini ones! :)

Food Lover said...

oh really! Maybe I haven't tried the best-est in that shop. hehehe