Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cafe Cartel 2

After the NDP preview, almost all the restaurants nearby were swarmed with people. Only cafe cartel wasn't. So we happily entered the restaurant for our dinner. After we had the main course, we came to understand why we managed to get a seat.


Taste (2/10)
For the main courses.

The food sucks. I am not a very fussy person in terms of food, but that tough hawaiin pork chop took me at least 5 seconds more to cut, chew and swallow.

The dessert in a way saves the day. But this is no surprise eh? Afterall, it's just waffle and ice-cream. You can never find fault with these two items.


The service was bad, with me having to wait for half an hour because of the mistake they made - wrong order. That resulted in gastric pain. :(


Not worth it.

Marina Square
(I don't even bother to find out the unit number, coz I ain't recommending this place)

Cafe Cartel's food and service has deteriorate tremendously over the years. Unless I am in a situation whereby I am starving and all the other restaurants are full, you will never see me in Cafe Cartel again.

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