Monday, July 23, 2007

Traditional Bak Kut Prawn Mee Soup

My hub commented that I will be doing great disservice to this bowl of delicious Prawn Mee Soup if I were to post this photo.

Indeed. :P

This bowl of prawn mee soup looked so much better when it first landed on my table, but the photo was taken after I was halfway through.

Nonetheless, I had to take a snapshot of this because

1) It is indeed very tasty. I had to share good stuff
2) It is very rare in hawker centres nowadays. Not the type of food, but the way it is cooked. I am feeling nostalgic now...
3) I may not be eating this for a very long time... as I will be going on diet. No no, it's not the prawn mee soup itself that I am avoiding. But the You Tiao that I must have when I take this dish...

You Tiao, you were asking? I can sense your eyes popping out as you read this, but the you tiao really goes well when dipped into the soup.

Step 1 - Dip You Tiao into soup
Step 2 - Bite dunked You Tiao
Step 3 - Eat one mouth of mee
Step 4 - Drink the Soup
Step 5 - Drink beverage (preferably chrysanthemum tea or green tea)

Wah, best!

You really gotta try it to believe it. Well, I managed to make my hub a believer! :)

I guess this way of eating can only be found in our family. It could be 'taught' by our Ah Mah or 'invented' by my cousins. I didn't really find out. But kudos to the 'founder', for what better combinations can anyone come up with? :D


Taste (10/10)

Hawker centre



Redhill Hawker

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