Thursday, July 19, 2007

Walls Mini Hazelnut

Ice Cream are generally delicious, so there isn't really a need to blog about them. But this bite-sized Mini Hazelnut ice cream is on its way, or maybe already in extinction.

We couldn't find it in any of the supermarkets or minimarts we went to recently. I guess it must have been recalled and replaced by this 'popper's' thingy. I mean, they could have introduced one and retain the other for big fans like my mum, my hub and me, no? :(

The three of us love it because it is yummy. Imagine sinking your teeth through a thin chocolate fudge 'crust' and into the creamy, snowy coloured fillings. Heavenly!

I want my Mini Hazelnuts back in the supermarkets' shelves! *Protest*

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