Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lao Beijing Revisited

I was supposed to give my hub treats over the weekend. I went along with his suggestion of having dinner at Lao Beijing. It seemed to be within the range of what I call a decent and sincere (Read: pricey) treat. =P

Chinese - Beijing

Look! It's the long-lost 武林秘籍 that all the martial experts were looking for! I can be invincible! Bwa ha ha ha! Ok... hunger has gotten the better of me.


Honey Lemon Juice (6/10)

As I was browsing through the menu, a waitress approached me to ask what beverage I would like to have. They were friendly, yes. But it sort of irritates me when I was interrupted for the second time while I was trying to decide on a dish. I succumbed to the waitress' persistence and asked what I could have. She suggested Honey Lemon Juice and gave me a list of benefits such as anti-aging, smooth skin, etc. I find it rather amusing because I doubt a one-time glass of Honey Lemon Juice could possibly have such an immediate effect on me. I ordered it anyway, so that I can concentrate on the menu.
The drink doesn't really work for me, especially with the sourness in it. To think that my hub actually ordered the same beverage after trying mine! >_<'

Stir-Fried Long Beans (Si Ji Dou) (8/10)

Pretty crunchy long beans, we have here!

Sweet and Sour fish (7/10)

Still as starchy as before. I don't find it as nice this time. Perhaps, the novelty wears off after our last visit...

Deep Fried Tofu (6/10)

It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside - the way I like tofu to be. The downside is, there wasn't much flavourings (such as salt) on it.

This time, I've made a reservation to be seated near the windows. The privacy and comfort is there.

The service is commendable, as usual. However, the staff are too 'onz' when it comes to serving drinks and clearing plates. Too good is no good.

I paid a $90+ for the meal.

Tiong Bahru Plaza

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