Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pepper Lunch

It was only 6pm but queues are already forming outside restaurants in AMK hub. I managed to convince my hub to queue for the Pepper Lunch by showing him that some of the customers in the restaurant were finishing their food soon. :P

I wanted to watch the video showing how we can cook the food, but was distracted by my hub who kept asking me what I would like to have. I was undecided but settled for a double chicken set. When we were showed into the restaurant, my loh soh hub asked me what I would like to have, again. I subconsciously blurted out that I would like to have pepper chicken rice set.

It was a blessing in disguise, I should say. The uncle next to our table ordered the double chicken set and it doesn't look the least appetising. :P Mine certainly looked better. ;)

Step 1
Stir the rice, chicken and corn

Step 2 (determines whether your rice turns out good or not)
Add your preferred sauce.

I chose Garlic soya sauce over honey sauce. I know it's unhealthy, but for the taste, I splattered the sauce generously over the rice. Yums.

Step 3
Mix well.

My hub ordered the beef set.


Japanese. According to the web.

Pepper Chicken Rice (8/10)
Not too bad. I am glad I went ahead with the wrong order.

Beef set (5/10)
The bean sprouts were good. But how bad can beansprouts be? :P
The beef looked rubbery to me because my hub was struggling to bite off each piece. :P

Nice comfortable seats

Staff were friendly, but food served were a bit slow.



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