Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hog's Breath Cafe

The western food at the hawker did not satisfy my hub's craving at all. Not one bit. I suggested going to Vivocity to appease his anger for the lousy food he had and he agreed. We went straight to the information counter to grab a piece of the street directory to scan through the list of restaurants. I saw Hog's Breath Cafe and told him that I read somewhere that the food there is good. He took my words for it almost immediately. I guess I have gained the trust from him for making good recommendations ever since I started reading food blogs. :P

As I stepped into the restaurant, I seemed to be teleported back to US. It was a good feeling as memories of the good food and time I had in US came back to me almost instantly as I sniffed the familiar smell of the food in the air.

This was the seat that I wanted to take (as it is nearer the windows), but was taken by someone who has reserved it. :P


Mushroom Soup (7/10)
Nothing special about this soup. It tasted ordinarily good.

El Grande Prime Rib (8/10)
It's Ladies' night. (also evident from the 80% ladies patronage). 50% for all prime ribs and grills. So we had to order one of it to enjoy the offer, never mind who eats it in the end. In any case, my hub was the one who had the medium rare prime ribs. He was full of praises for the dish, claiming that it was cooked in just the way he wanted. No bloody liquid oozing out, as he cuts across the meat or things of that sort, as what he has previously experienced. So I suspect he would give a 8 or 9 for that.

Jamaican Chicken (5/10)

It's dry. It's tough. Even worse than my hub's first attempt to cook western food for me. :P I would have left the whole plate intact, if not for the rice and crispy fries. Gosh, I can still remember how bad it taste just by looking at the photo. >_<''

A casual, good dining place for a group of friends. Lights and benches have a nostalgic feel to it.

This place is catered mostly to guys, or so the feeling it gave, as the TV channels were all showing sports and soccer. :P Besides, Hog's breath, Hog's breath. Not many girls would want to initiate a visit to a restaurant with such a boorish name, unless of course, they have been there before and liked the food/ambience.

The speed of serving the food is slow, man. More than half an hour wait... -_-''

If there is any reason that make me boycott a Hog's Cafe again, it has got to be the chicken.

However, if there is any reason that made me come back to this place, it has gotta be the personalised service. The waitress actually asked me if there is anything wrong with the food when she saw me leaving 2 big pieces of chicken behind. Although the chicken tastes awful, the waitress's concern and her promise to feedback to the kitchen made me feel like giving them yet another chance. :)

$50+ for two main course and a big bowl of soup. Quite a good deal, considering that the price of a main course is $30+ on usual days.


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