Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cafe Cartel

It has been a long time since we visited Cafe Cartel. There used to be long queus forming to get into this restaurant, but I guess the fad has died down, as there wasn't any when we were there last saturday lunch time.



Teriyaki Chicken (7/10)

It was a new item and the picture on the menu looks extremely appetizing... and erm... quite different from the actual showpiece above. Everything was ordinary. Ironically, the chips was the tastiest among all the items on the plate. :P

Dory Fish (8/10)

This is good, I tell you. It has got the taste (with a slight crisp on the crust), but not as oil-ladened as that of Fish and Chips. I wonder why my hub has been ordering the 'right' dishes recently as it always appear that his is better. I was telling him that I should follow him in his subsequent orders so that I will be on the 'right track' too. :P

Nice cushion, cozy environment.

The service was not that good as the waitress were not smiling (in fact, they looked rather fierce) and showed slight impatience when we asked them questions. It does help explain a little when we looked up and saw signs that show 'No service charge' dangling across the ceilings.

$20 plus for two main course.

Bishan Junction 8

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