Sunday, June 10, 2007


If there is any food that would make my day right now, It has to be a Plain Chicken Ripper meal from Superdog... Boy, do I crave for it now! >_<

I was first introduced to this fast food restaurant by my friend. Ever since, I always have this urge to visit Superdog whenever I set my foot in Vivocity. For health reasons, I usually will avoid taking processed meat. But with superdog, I am just a helpless addict.

Even as I blog, I drool at the thought of my teeth slowly sinking into a crispy outer crust of the hotdog and then into the savoury tender meat. Munching the meat together with the hotdog bun, popping two crispy fries into my mouth in between my munches and sipping zappel after each bite just make me wanting to ask for more.

Fast food


Chilli Fries

I did not try this because it contains beef. I believe it's goood because my hub ordered this all the time!

Chicken Ripper (10/10)

The plain Chicken Ripper reminds me of those small pieces of hotdog I used to have when I was in Primary school. This stall I patronised almost everyday sells the best hotdog and laksa I ever know. The hotdog is coated with batter and when dipped into the wok full of smoking oil, surfaced as lightly-browned, mouth-sized chunks of hotdog that is so crispy that it sounded like potato chips when you bite on it. I love it so much that even when I went on to secondary school, I still buy the 30 cents hotdog from the stall owner through the back window (coz outsiders are not allowed in the school compounds). I only stopped being a loyal fan of the food after the school implemented a rule to curb such 'back-door' food selling. Good ol' foodie days... Ok, I digressed. Back to the ripper...

I always ask for plain Chicken Ripper because the sauce would usually soften the outer crust of the hotdog, making it less crispy and that is not acceptable to me. :P

Fries (10/10)

Fries, whatever shapes and sizes they come in, I love them all the same. Of course, with the exception of those that came in soggy, like those from McDelivery. But this fries I am talking about here in superdog is heavenly good. It has got the crispyness between Long John's and Mac, and yet, is almost as thick as Mos's. A perfect combination, I would say!

Zappel (10/10)
A Zappel's a Zappel's a Zappel. Nothing to rate about actually. But this beverage really complements the good food I have. It's a heavenly add-on for a complete and total dining experience!

Very inviting, with cushion seats around. Nice setting.

Not too bad. But could be better in terms of promptness and taking the right orders. I was given normal rippers, when I asked for plain ones on my previous visit.

Considered to be on the higher end, where fast food is concerned.


I guess this post is the closest to my theme of goodfood-goodmood so far. I always feel ecstatic and fully satisfied after each visit. It's a matter of preferences, really, because my hub always gives me that indifferent, 'Got THAT good meh?' look. :P

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