Saturday, June 2, 2007

Kublai Khan Mangolian B.B.Q

Finally. My hub kept his promise of bringing me to this restaurant after sooo many years! >_<
I had a rude shock at the entrance. We had to pay upfront first (which was ok), but the price was actually $68 for two pax! Grr... and to think it's my turn to give the treat. :P




Anyway, we headed straight to the BBQ section, or whatever you called it. We were given three types of meat and quite a few variety of vegetables to choose from. After which, a staff added sauces into the bowl. There are four different jars of sauces: One unlabelled (I suspect it's a secret sauce that makes the food so savoury), ginger juice, garlic juice and dang, I forgot the last one! We were supposed to pass the bowl of ingredients with sauces to the man behind the glasses, so that he could cook for us on that big stone grill. It was all done in a jiffy!

BBQ meat and vegetables (10/10)

Ok, I know it looks rojak and it's not very convincing if I say the food was fantastic, but that's what it really was! One bowl is enough to keep my fill, but I actually went for another big bowl before I go for my desserts. Although I can physically feel (no kidding!) my stomach intestines bursting, I carried on to stuff the goodies into my mouth. Yeah, it's THAT good.

Ee-Fu Noodles (8/10)

Ee Fu Noodles has always been my favourite, so almost all the Ee-Fu noodles I have tasted are nice to me. This is no exception. However, it does have that extra thing that makes it better than the usual Ee-Fu noodles. Not bad!

There were many other food varieties, but not all were as good as it seems. Like the chilli crab, sharks fins soup, sushi, teppanyaki chicken etc... so I shan't be listing them here.

The first feeling that I got after entering was similar to that I had of a typical restaurant in Taiwan we went to more than 15 years ago. :P Well, that's around the time my hub first came to the restaurant. The deco are a mixture of 80s' wooden furniture, modern ceiling lights and dangling christmas balls (yes, they have not removed it yet!)

Quite difficult to get the attention of the staff, but once gotten, they were pretty prompt in getting what you want.

Ex lor! *complains* but for that bowl of bbq, it was well worth it. ;)

9 Penang Road
#04-01, Park Mall

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