Sunday, June 24, 2007

Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao

I have been balloting for NDP tickets since it started (in 2003?) but was never successful. I especially wanted to get the tickets for last year as it would be the last time NDP willl be held at the old National Stadium, but dang, I didn't get it again. This year, I tried going for the preview tickets and I got it. I almost screamed into the phone when the NDP officer called to inform! 3 yeahs for winning the NDP tickets! ^_^V

After collecting the NDP tickets at Marina Square Link Bridge Atrium, my hub and I took quite a while to decide on the place to have our meal. He just had a superdog whereas I was famished for a good decent lunch. I convinced him to go Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao, where I can have my staple food - La Mian and he can have small bites like Dim Sum.


Nowadays, kitchen with open concept are pretty common. It's very tempting to look at the helpers work when we are just a thin glass window away, but I try not to, because I do not like to be watched either especially when I am preparing ingredients or cooking a meal. I can't control myself from taking a quick snap at the kitchen though. :P Btw, the chefs are all in an enclosed area, out of the watchful eyes of the public. Perhaps they are afraid that their receipes might be revealed or something?


Shredded Pork and Preserved Vegetables La Mian (7/10)
This does not look appetizing at all lor. Even my hub have the 'I am sorry that you are gonna have this for lunch' look. But heh! It's not THAT bad. Of course, not that tasty either.

Shanghai Dumplings (7/10)

These dumplings are not bad. At least, their skin are not very thick, like those I have tasted before.

Warm, dim lights. Semi-Open Concept for the kitchen.



Marina Square

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