Sunday, June 10, 2007

Xiao Xuan Feng 2

It was already 830pm after we watched 'Ocean's Thirteen'.

My hub suggested going to Xiao Xuan Feng for dinner. It must be the praises I sing so often about Xiao Xuan Feng after my first visit with my mother. :P

As it was rather late, we didn't want to go for a heavy rich-and-dishes meal. So we opted for La Mian. We both had Dan Dan Mian.



Dan Dan Mian (8/10)

The sauce was plentiful! Yums... Although it was indicated on the menu that this is a spicy item, it actually wasn't. Take my words for it because unlike my family members, I can't really take spicy food.

Sour and Spicy Soup (3/10)

My husband only took maybe, two? spoonfuls of it. I have never liked sour and spicy soup, but I gave it a try anyway. It further affirms my dislike for this soup. :P

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