Monday, June 18, 2007

Qi Ji

We (I, actually) do not want to go to a Japanese restaurant. Neither do we want to spend too much to dine in a restaurant for just a simple lunch. Qi Ji fits the bill for having a simple, quick and cheap meal.

Malay? Although they do sell food like chee cheong fun, etc, the majority still belongs to the the Malay cuisine.

Nasi Lemak (9/10)

This has always been my favourite in Qi Ji ever since I first tried it years ago. My favourite side dishes are the ever so tasty and crispy but sinful chicken wings, the common but good hotdog, the smooth omelette, the heavenly matched peanut and ikan bilis. Together with the fragrant pandan rice,
this dish works perfectly for me. The above was ordered by my hub, so the side-dishes I mentioned were slightly different. I took a bite of rice and ikan-bilis/peanut and it was still as good as before. Yuuuums!

Mee Rebus (8/10)

I ordered their Mee Rebus, which was just as good. The sauce was one of the best creations, in the malay cuisine, I felt. It was a bit too spicy for my tongue this time round. I downed the lime juice down my throat to ease the 'fire' but
was enjoying the 'heat' in my mouth. It was rather shiok actually. Heh!

It was a rather small shop, as with all other Qi Ji outlets, but that's pretty ok, given the price and the good food it is offering.

It was pretty normal and has got that factory mass-production kinda feel, but again, it's ok.

Pretty value for money. $3.20 for the main dish, $1.50 for drinks. Pretty much like a food court price eh?

Tiong Bahru Plaza

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