Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rocky Master

I have read on the forum about how particular my gown designer is about punctuality, so I repeatedly told my hub that we have to be there early. And yes, indeed, we were early. We were there at 1045am for a 1130am appointment. Just how kiasu are we! >.<> Since we were early, we decided to have our breakfast at Rocky Master at Level 1.


Pottie Pie (Mushroom and Chicken) 8/10
It's as nice as it looks! A bit too difficult to manage the crust though. It was all over the table, my lap and the floor when I cut through it. So unglam. :P

A good place for a quiet chat or just to watch people passed by the walkways of Orchard Road.


Not too good. The waitress were too engaged in their chatting that they gave me a knife (instead of a spoon) and a fork to have my pottie. :(

$20 for American breakfast, Pottie Pie and a cup of tea.

Orchard Delphi
Level 1 (just next to the entrace of the building)

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