Monday, June 11, 2007

Sakae Sushi (Teppanyaki)

Both of us have a coincidental, sudden urge to go to Parkway Parade for our dinner tonight. Love it when we have such good chemistry! :D

My hub was very hungry and wanted to settle for steamboat because that was the first place we passed by when we reached the shopping centre. However, I told him that we should look around for things we have not tried before. Drats! Sort of regretted making that comment because we ended up in a Japanese restaurant, again!

He was drawn to the Teppanyaki corner in Sakae Sushi, something that we have not seen in other Sakae restaurants. We thought it's good to have something for a change. After we were seated, we realised that we were the only ones at the Teppanyaki counter and that we could order Teppanyaki food without being seated there. So we requested to change our seats.

My hub ordered the Teppanyaki set.



Teppanyaki Chicken Set (7/10)

Fried Rice and Teppanyaki Chicken (7/10)

I didn't order the set because it comes with squid and salmon, which I don't take. I ordered a fried rice and a Teppanyaki chicken. The fried rice was somewhat different from the usual fried rice - in Japanese style, I guess. Overall, the two dishes were not too bad, but nothing fantastic.

Cosy, yet nicely spaced out seats. Only grouse was the very crammed entrance. While queueing at the cashier, we had to constantly move and give way to people moving in and out to the dining area.

The staff were very friendly and obliging when we requested for a change of seat.
$31 after 10% discount from UOB.

Parkway Parade
Basement 1

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