Friday, June 1, 2007

Out of the Pan

Type: French. This shop's speciality is in crepe. And according to the definition on the web, a crepe is "a type of very thin cooked pancake usually made from wheat flour. The word, like the pancake itself, is of French origin, deriving from the Latin crispa, meaning 'curled'. "


Cream of Mushroom : 8/10
Rich and Creamy

Green salad (5/10)

Too bland. Oh wells, it is fresh and healthy.

Fruitti Tutti Salad (8/10)

Nice and sweet! :)

This in a appetizer indeed! It's not only appetizing in terms of the colourful look, but also very appetizing to the tongue

Cheese Chicken Sausage Normal Crepe (7/10)

It's really nice. I was expecting it to be very heavy and cheesy, but it wasn't. :)

Korean BBQ Pork with Kimchi Tomato sun-dried Crepe (8/10)

This is really fragrant and tasty! I have not tasted Kimchi before, but if kimchi tastes like this, I can only give thumbs up for this korean specialty!

Quite an open area, with many onlookers from the level above and those taking the escalators. Not suitable for people who prefer private corners. What I liked was the fountain and the wave-like gushes just next to our seat. It gave us a different feel and something that we can look at when we had nothing better to do.

Friendly and prompt service


I spent about $50 plus for the above.

City Hall Basement 1

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