Monday, July 16, 2007

My Mum's Cuisine

I gave my hub the opportunity of 'carroting' me in Akashi, but much to my surprise, he chose to have our meal in My Mum's Cuisine, just a few steps away from Akashi. That could have saved me quite a hefty sum, I smiled, as we stepped into the restaurant. :P

My Mum's Cuisine. A very warm name that matches up with the warm colour of the interior - bright yellow.



Ngor Hiang (6/10)
It really wasn't up to my expectations. Haven't been able to taste good Ngor Hiang recently...

Chicken Hor Fun (7/10)

I ordered this because many others have this on their table when we enter the restaurant. No regrets... until I tasted my hub's laksa. :P

Laksa (8/10)
It was tasty. Not too spicy. A typical good bowl of lip-smacking laksa!

Casual. The bright yellow interior was acccompanied by stuff prevalent in the 70s/80s. You know, the 'Mum's' generation?

Pretty normal

Less than $30

Orchard Paragon

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