Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fish & Co

No queues outside Fish & Co, AMK Hub! That's a rare sight but could be easily explained by looking at the time - 3 plus in the afternoon.

We soon find our way into the restaurant, guided by a waitress.

Judging from the design of the menu, we know that it's been a long time since we patronised Fish & Co. I think their previous menu was longish and pretty hard to handle. This menu looks much better with it's simple design and pleasing colour.

Fish & Co never fails to entertain me with trivial little things like this.

Mushroom soup (8/10)

It comes with the meal for an extra $1 only. Good deal. :)

Grilled Salmon (6/10)

I didn't try my hub's dish. But judging from his disappointed look and repeated rants about the deterioration in the quality of the food, I'm gonna guess he is giving at most, a 6 for it.

Sweet and Sour Fish (8/10)

On the other hand, I was rather satisfied with the taste of the sweet and sour fish. It tasted pretty much the same as the last time I took it. Just that... where's my golden fries? :(

I love the full length windows. It allows a lot of natural light to shine through and gives the place a very cheery feel. What's worth highlighting is, the restaurant has a longish shape which allows most of their customers to be given a chance to be seated at the ever-popular window seat! :)

Pretty prompt and friendly.

I thought the price were pretty reasonable. There seemed to be a drop in the price, but I think it's because they took out the side dishes, such as fries? Hope it's not one of their sales tactics. :P



saoirse said...

FoodLover, the grilled salmon and mushroom soup are so yummy! I have an idea. Shall we explore how to cook a home-made mushroom soup with no "ajinomoto"? I think it's good for kids at home. What do you think?

Food Lover said...

That's a good idea... But I do not know how to. :P Any recipes to share? :)