Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fig & Olive

We were going round Vivocity in circles in search for a place to have lunch.

I wanted so much to have a Ripper from Superdog. What could be better than to start the day (or rather, the year) with my favourite food?

'No. We are not going to have that. It's not good to take processed meat', said Hub. Now, that sounded so familiar... Oh. I said that to him pretty often. :P

So we decided to have it in Fig & Olive. I have always wanted to try the food there, but my hub always said no, without taking a second look at the restaurant. This time, I tried to convince him with the 'Singapore's top 100 signature dish award' title that they have placed outside and it worked! :P

Both of us was eyeing this dish. Although it is rather 'risky' to have the same dish (in case it didn't turn out nice), neither of us are willing to budge by choosing another. :P

Figo Marinara Oglio (9/10)

Thanks to our refusal to budge, we both get to enjoy a very tasty meal! I love the fried dory fish. It was the best fried fish I have ever tasted. It has a light crunch with a smooth and tender fish meat beneath the crust. Ai yoh, I still yearn to have a bite of it now. :P

The salad tasted ordinarily good, but the sphagetti was too 'fat'. I guess it was overcooked.

The broccoli and carrot was pretty hard and raw, not to my liking as I belong to the '吃软不吃硬' group. My hub love it though.

'Can you cook like this next time?'

Ok lor... less work for me ah. :P

The waiters were not exactly friendly - no smiles at all. (Maybe it doesn't feel good to work on a New Year's day. :P ) But that's ok, our food were served rather promptly.

$36.64 (including 2 cups of green tea)
(after OCBC credit card 10% discount)


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