Friday, January 18, 2008

Crystal Jade Dining In

Good view...

It was fun 'fighting' with my hub over the last peanut (we were very hungry!) Hee! It ended up on the table. No peanuts for any of us. :P

Beijing Roast Duck - Skin and wrap (7/10)

The waitress cut out the skin for us and wrapped it with some vegetables. I find it quite sinful because of there were a lot of fats underneath the skin. It tasted not bad, though, especially when dapped into the sweet sauce.

Beijing Roast Duck - Meat (7/10)

We have the option of either eating the meat of the roast duck as it is, or to cook it further by adding another $10. We chose to have it cooked in black pepper sauce. My hub liked it but I wasn't too impressed.

Crackers that came along with the roast duck

Braised Seasonal Vegetables with Crab Roe (6/10)

I ordered this because I thought it's quite a refreshing combination, something that I've not tried before. It was pretty different from what I expect, or rather, what was shown on the menu. Quite a disappointment.

Pretty prompt and attentive. But maybe far too attentive. I don't really like it when they kept coming to our table to refill the water. It has interrupted our conversation quite a few times.

$75 (but we had a $30 voucher)

Vivocity #01-112

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