Saturday, January 12, 2008

Grains 稻香馆

This restaurant is reputated to serve healthy and nutritious food without compromising on the quality. I thought it would be a good idea to bring my mother to this restaurant, since she is getting more health conscious now. Indeed, it is.

This restaurant is divided into the two parts by a public walkway. When we arrived, many seats were still available so we managed to get one whole corner to ourselves, without exposing ourselves (and our food) to the people who walked by. :P

Home-made Barley (6/10)

Nutritional ABC Soup - consists of huaishan, carrot, corn and spare ribs (8/10)

This soup was pretty light, yet addictive. Throughout the meal, we kept helping ourselves to the soup, one bowl after another!

Spinach Tofu with Shimeiji Mushroom and scallops (9/10)

I love the mushrooms that were briefly fried (me thinks) before it was drenched in this savoury sauce. The soft, smooth tofu was nice too.

Grains fried rice (9/10)

This is their signature dish, I suppose. What's special about this fried rice is, instead of the usual white rice, they are using the more nutritional brown rice counterparts. I usually frown at the thought of brown rice because the ones I had before were coarse and rather hard to chew on. However, I am glad that I gave this dish a chance. The brown rice was nothing like I have imagined it to be. It was soft and not oily. Together with the scallops, wolfberries and other ingredients, it made a very tasty and filling staple for our meal. Tasty as it is, I still prefer my fried rice at Thai Lemongrass. :P

Spinach in chicken stock and wolfberries (8/10)

Light but nice!


The waitresses were very friendly, attentive and prompt, but my mother and I were interrupted quite a few times because the waitress came over to check what else we need and to clear the plates. That, imo, was rather irritating.

Before we left, they passed us a 'feedback' form which had no fields like 'ways to improve'. Besides asking you to choose among an unhappy, neutral and happy face, all other things were to their favour. Like, who has the best service, what we like about their service, words of encouragement. I wanted to comment that they shouldn't check on the customers so often, but found absolutely no place to write.

To top things off, the waitress said this as she passed the form to me. "If you write well, you will get vouchers from us" Sounds so conditional. :P

$53+ after 10% OCBC discount

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