Saturday, January 12, 2008

Erich's Wuerstelstand

We've been wanting to buy food from this Austrian guy since we got to know him from the media (and that's many years ago!). Like many others, we were more intrigued by the man, rather than the food. :P

Combo set - includes Chicken, Regular pork and spicy pork (8/10)

The different sausages, although each with its own distinctive taste, are equally delicious. I've always liked sausages but due to health reasons, I try not to take too much of these processed meat. Being able to try so many different types of sausages at one go was pure indulgence.

$3 (hmm.. that's rather ex considering it's only a few pieces of sausages. I don't even want to compare it with the hotdog bun meal at ikea... :P )

3 Trengganu Street


chillycraps said...

ermm.. ummm... if i'm not wrong, he's hungarian?

Food Lover said...

Hey CC, what a pleasant surprise to see you here in my blog! ^.^

Oh, actually I did do a check before posting. Quite a few websites did mention him as a German. I guess it's because of the German sausages bah. :P

A second check from a more reliable source indicated that he is an Austrian. I have already made the amendments.

Do let me know where you get the info from? :)

zhengning said...

OH this stall! At chinatown! Haha, that man there is very friendly! Haha, i saw his articles on the papers the other time and went to get some sausage too, was nice :DD

ice said...

hey if u like sausages there's another one..bratwurst shop@plaza singapura B2.supposed to be good also..

oh yeah forgot u lurve the dogs...juz like how much i lurve my peanut butter! :)

Food Lover said...

Zhengning: Yea! The one at Chinatown. His stall really stands out from the rest. I will try the other stuff in his stall when I go down this friday again. :)

Food Lover said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Ice! Will have my meal there if I am at Plaza Singapura. :)

Yeah. Love the sausages. The food I like are usually the unhealthy and sinful ones. Sausages, Fries, Laksa, Curry, Nasi Lemak, Potato chips, Ice-cream, etc. :P

Anonymous said...

nice food are always unhealthy. haha. and y is CC here?

Food Lover said...

Hee... why can't CC be here? :P

ice said...

hey just discover this buddy of yours!! ha check her out!

Food Lover said...

mwahahahha! My buddy indeed! kekeke you are so resourceful. Have added her already! ^_^

ice said...

ROFL! your hotdog kaki!! wa haha!!O_O