Sunday, January 6, 2008

Xiao Xuan Feng

Kungfu Chilli Chicken (1/10)

I don't think I have given such a low review before, but I think this dish deserves just this. I don't really know what that 1 point is for, actually. We can hardly find any chicken on this dish. It was full of chilli (very strange ones because it is as hard as the shell of a crab!)

And it's supposed to be their signature dish! Very disappointing indeed.

Durian Puff (8/10)

Not too bad. It's their signature dessert. Crispy (but a little oily) crust with smooth and sweet durian fillings. I've never eaten anything like this before, so it was considered quite a good experience.


$26.95 (after a 10% discount for NTUC Link) - also includes Stir-Fried long beans, 2 rice and Jasmine tea for two too.

Other details here


ice said...

four seasons peas? i think they call them french beans... >.<

wa haha..this is funi coz this's the first time i'm hearing this! ;o

bigfish_chin said...

Oorrrhhh! The Kungfu Chilli Chicken is just too nice! I always like to have spicy food. This dish must be very delicious!

Food Lover said...

Hai yo! look at me. I din realise that until you mentioned! It actually did a direct translation from Chinese! >_<"

Btw, think it's long beans.

Food Lover said...


Hmm... if you read the review, I don't really like the version cooked by this restaurant. :P