Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yes Asian Cafe

I wanted to go to the porridge steamboat buffet recommended by Jaime, but we were bogged down with many bags of grocery after shopping at NTUC. We decided to dine at this place, so that we don't have to walk far before hopping on to a taxi.

Baked Potato (8/10)

It's baked potato on the bottom half, mashed potato with ham and cheese? at the top. The mashed potato was fantastic! My only grouse is that it is not piping hot, as I thought all baked potato should be... It just doesn't taste as good to have it in a less-than-average temperature.

Shanghai Pork and chicken chop with rice (7/10)

The gravy was not bad. The pork chop was a tad too overcooked and thus, pretty hard to chew. Overall, this main course was served quite cold, which is again, a minus point.


$21.80 for two sets of the above, 1 baked potato and 2 drinks.



Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

Hello, i totally agree with u! the mash potato is really nice, smth different from the normal mashed potaot that we often eat with western food.

perhaps the price is pretty steep, considering the fact that it is in amk, so they always prepare beforehand :(

Food Lover said...

That's right! I guess it's because the usual mashed potato wasn't topped with ham and flavoured like this one. :)

Oh ya. We didn't have to wait long for the food to be served. Perhaps that's because they prepare it way beforehand. :P

InspiredMumof2 said...

Wah, its been so long. So many good food I have missed here. AMK seems to be alot of good food and shopping, must find time to visit there on weekends.

Food Lover said...

Yes, I see that you have returned to your blog. Welcome back! hee...

Yep. AMK's food is not bad... just that there's crowd everywhere... :P

bigfish_chin said...

Hi, wondering the GRAVY made by what? Got Mushroom ah?
But over cooked and cold... can actually ask them to change a new one leh.

Julie said...

Dear, that Mash potato...looks....... delicious!

Food Lover said...

Hey BigFish, I am not too sure what the gravy is made of actually... but no mushrooms, I think. :P

Food Lover said...

Hey Julie, Yea, it IS! heh... you should go try it someday. But be prepared to get something not-so-hot. :P