Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kee Ling Garden Steamboat BBQ

It's a buffet style kinda steamboat.

Soup base (8/10)

The ingredients are pretty standard, so the ratings are for the soup base.

You get to choose from Chicken, Tonic Chicken and Tom Yam for the soup base. My hub asked me which soup base I would like to have, but I already knew that he wanted the Tonic Chicken, so I went along with him and told the man that we wanted that.

Tonic soup are usually not my cup of 'soup'. Surprisingly, I can make do with this one. Sure, it had the bitter tonic taste that I dislike, but the 'chicken' flavour in the soup seemed to conceal the bitterness. Well, a little. As more ingredients were added to the soup, it got more and more addictive.

I believe that a lot of msg was added to the soup because hours after the meal, I still feel thirsty. :P

$12 for adults and $6 for kids. For a eat-all-you-can, I thought this was quite reasonably priced.

Blk 722 AMK Ave 6 (The same coffeeshop as Tip Top Curry Puff)
I still prefer steamboat at Parkway Parade :P


Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

as i live in amk, i eat this steamboat frequently. i felt that the steamboat buffet here has a less variety of choice and tomyam soup base is pretty salty. regardless, the place is owas crowded esp during weekends. next time u should try the porridge steamboat buffet at sportslink lvl 4, i personally feel its better and u have a special soup base, which is the sweet potato porridge! :)

anyway, hello! its my first time here! nice blog! :)

Food Lover said...

Welcome, Jaime! And thanks for the compliments. :)

Yes, it's not easy to get a place immediately on the weekends.

Porridge steamboat buffet? Wow. sounds interesting. It's been a loong time since I went up to that building. Sweet potato porridge? Taiwanese style? That's my fav! Thanks for the recommendation!

Nice blog you have there too!

bigfish_chin said...

Hi Food Lover,
$12 for adults and $6 for kids... bet is consider cheap in Sing eh~
But Converted back to RM here then is not cheap LOL.
Believe in Jaime, I tried the porridge steamboat here in M'sia. Dunno the taste are the same or not ler ~ but worth for a try!

Food Lover said...

Hey Bigfish... hahah yea. Things in M'sia are cheaper than Singapore. I really like the tze-char food I had when I was in Malaysia. :)

Justin said...

This place is best la for a decent steamboat, the soup is good. Very good for small gatherings at least better than far-away ex marina place..

Food Lover said...

Yeah, but it might take a while to get seats even for small groups. Have you tried Parkway parade's steamboat? My favourite thus far! :)

Anonymous said...

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