Friday, February 15, 2008


When we reached the place, I noticed that all the tables in the restaurant were booked except for two. My hub then told me that he has made the reservation 1 month ago and he was the first (of coz lah) on the reservation list. He even specifically requested for a particular table that is away from the crowd and yet, not so near the washrooms. I was at a loss for words. Since when did my hub become so thoughtful and meticulous?

So why did he choose this place? "The Ambience", he said. Oh alright... it's indeed quite nice.

I like the way they done up the place with red flowers on every table. I wonder if that is the same throughout the year. :P

Polmelmo (6/10) - not sure if I have gotten the correct spelling

My hub was full of praises for this grapefruit drink, so I thought I should give it a try. It was really nice for the first few sips. For some reason, it became so bitter after some time, that I just have to stop taking it. :P

Nabucco (9/10)
Cream Of Wild Mushrooms Soup And Bread Croutons

This soup is good! What's more, it was still piping hot when it came to us, unlike soups in other places which are usually served lukewarm. It really works for someone who likes hot food and I happen to be one. :)

Caesar Salad (10/10)
Romaine Salad, Bread Croutons, Caesar Dressing, Grilled Chicken Breast

How good can a salad get? THIS good! I like everything in this salad. The vegetables, the chicken, the sauce, the croutons... *Ding dong Ding dong* :D

Vittoria (8/10)

The pizzas are supposed to be named from A-Z.

Why did they give up at W, when they are almost at the finish line? *shrugs*

This is something different from the usual pizza we ate. The crust was as thin as a biscuit, I didn't feel full after eating 2 pieces (the case when I took pizzas from pizza hut/canadian or the likes). In fact, I managed to finish all the 5 pieces, half the size of a medium pizza, all by myself! All pizzas should have crust the same thickness as this! Yums!

Strangely, my hub (who takes sambal chilli, etc) finds it quite spicy and I (someone who doesn't take chilli) finds the spiciness quite acceptable. *ponders*
Traviata (7/10)
Amaretto Frozen Parfait With Chocolate Tartufo

The waiter was full of compliments for this dessert and he ended off his description with a 'Very nice!', we can't help but to go with his recommendation. It's not too bad, but not that nice either.

Spizza. A rather stylo name. But why 'for friends'?

It could be a self-fulfilling prophecy. There were quite a few big groups of friends in the restaurant on our way out. :P

$59+ for the above

29 Club street
(nearest MRT station is Chinatown)

After which, we headed to a shopping centre, where we played a few games of wrestling with XBox360. We had a good laugh, especially when I kept pressing the wrong button to 'pose' instead of punch/kick. I was badly 'bashed-up' by my hub. >_<

What a fun way to spend this day. :D

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