Friday, February 15, 2008

Yella Fellas

I am a big fan of fries. Even the photo at the top of my blog says so. If I didn't call myself 'Food Lover' back then, it would probably be 'Fries Lover'. :P

Thus, when I read about the Yella Fellas in Camemberu's and and Ice's reviews, I knew I had to give the fries in this stall a try.

The different condiment for our yella (but no, not dirty) fellas.

Busy preparing fries for me...

Say Cheese! (8/10)
(Fries with sour cream, cheese and bacon bits)

Truth be told, I was a little disappointed because the fries were not as crispy as I would like them to be. The cheese and bacon bits help lots for the 8.



Parco Bugis Junction


ice said...

hehe u went to try...=P

btw my link's not working leh! >.<

Food Lover said...

hehehe Fries, Glorious Fries!

Opps... I have amended the link. ;P

Camemberu said...

Ah you like your fries crispy! Me too! But this one is not the crispy type, especially when drenched with cheese and sauces. I prefer it without any topping - still not crispy but at least can taste the actual potato.

Anonymous said...

Everytime i look at your blog... i got the urge to go to the place to grab a bite... haha, sinful...

Food Lover said...

You too, camemberu! :D

Oh yesh! I usually eat my fries without toppings, without ketchup/chilli, no nothing! Oh yes, maybe just salt. :)

My hub, however, likes cheese toppings. This one was to go with him. :P But I must say for this particular stall, the fries does taste better with cheese.

I would love to recommend you thick yet crispy fries at Superdog! It's the best I have ever tasted! But a recent visit to this fast food restaurant shows that there is a deteroriation in the fries... so I am not too sure anymore. :P

Hai yo. Look at how carried away I am when it comes to fries. >.<

Food Lover said...

OTC: glad you like the food I have posted here. Ai ya, it's ok what, you can afford to 'sin'. You are so skinny! LOL! :)