Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hogs Breath Cafe 2

Ever since I introduced my hub to this restaurant (based solely on bloggers' reviews), he is hooked. Thereafter, I always accompany him to this restaurant with much reluctance.

I guess the beef main course that he always take should be very nice (for him to keep returning), but I just didn't like the non-beef food that I had been taking (thus the many missing posts on this restaurant). Today, I have decided to just blog about it, because the main course I have taken, has finally made it across the passing mark.>_<

Crispy Chicken Burger (7/10)

Congrats! A course that doesn't really puts me off. :P

El Grande Prime Rib - Medium well (9/10 for my hub)

$45.90 (after 15% OCBC discount)
My hub's main course alone costs $35! He sure knows how to ka-tuk me whenever I say I am giving a treat. :P

1 HarbourFront Walk

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