Friday, February 1, 2008

Bratwurst Shop

As suggested by Ice.

Hearty Minestrone (8/10)

Look at clumsy hubby.

It happened in a split second so I didn't catch him in action. :P The soup reminds me of ratatouille in Carnivore...

Black Pepper Pork (6/10)

Chicken & Mushrooms (7/10)

I didn't like the skin of the sausage.

Baked potato (9/10)

I have taken baked potato with mayo or bacon beads, but never with melted cheese. I think I am hooked to this new combi! Will do one for myself when I am back in the kitchen in a few mth's time! :P

$20+ for a soup, two sausage tortillas, 1 baked potato and 2 sprites.

Plaza Singapura


ice said...

hope u liked it! haven't tried it myself coz i'm not a sausage person...yet. LOL! maybe after drooling at your pix i mite be tempted too!

thanks for giving me credit! :)

Food Lover said...

Hmm... It wasn't too bad, but I still prefer my good ol' ripper... :P

Nah... you deserve the credit! Coz you gave many good recommendations... :)