Friday, February 15, 2008

Ma Maison

It has been tucked in that corner for quite some time but the craze for its food only started recently. I wonder why.

And why oh why is it 'super dry'? Anybody?

The lamp, the ornaments and everything on the table gives one a very homely feel.

Corn Soup (8/10)
Not too bad!

Caesar Salad (7/10)

I miss my caesar salad in Spizza already! >_<

Beef Stroganov (7/10)

The rating's for the egg and butter rice, which I had a bite of.

Tonkatsu (7/10)
Plain Tonkatsu and salad. Let me dress you up...

Attention, all condiments! Stand in line and get ready for some action!

Ooo... you look so appetizing now...

The pork (even with the sauce on it) was rather ordinary. Ironically, the side dishes were better. :P

Bill time!


I waited 1 hour in total before I get to have my meal as they ran out of the ingredients for pork croquette, and informed only much later. :( In general though, the waiters/waitresses were friendly, prompt and attentive.

Parco Bugis


ice said...

wahaha another one of my reads hur? i very bad to your waistline rite? O_O

i think the 'super dry' refers to Asahi Beer.

hey if u go Central, do try Ramen Santouka at L2. i wrote about it before. the is just so orgasmic..melts in your erm..icecream?..=S

Anonymous said...

i think it says super dry cos they serve asahi?

Food Lover said...

Ice: yea... partly. :) Prior to reading your reviews, my hub wanted to bring me there (Central outlet) quite a few times but we backed out because of the super long waitlist.

Wah... looks like you are a 'Central kid'. Sure sure, I will check this restaurant out when I am there. Thanks! :)

Food Lover said...

Thanks, Anonymous (and Ice)! :)

I didn't know what super dry is even when it is linked to the Asashi beer. Now I do. :)

ice said...

hey dear i'm way much more than a kid liao...=S wahaha. not only kids like to eat sweet things...

oh oh today i discovered something in holland village!!! going to write about it soon when i get HGW to list it in its webbie (it's new mah)..then u can go eat again! =P

then i will become holland village kid. wahaha.

Camemberu said...

Yes, "Super Dry" is Asahi Beer's tagline. The placard must be sponsored by them. Even the outline design is Asahi's.

I've only eaten at Ma Maison once. The dark, cosy interior is so unexpectedly different from what you see outside. Food is ok but not that memorable. Next time I will try the mentaiko pasta.

Food Lover said...

Hey Ice, I am curious. Since you like sweet things so much, how do you find the donuts at Donut factory? From there, I think I can guage how sweet a tooth you have! hee!

LOL! Yea, then you will have an 'island-wide coverage'.

Food Lover said...

Hey Camemberu! :)

*sheepish* geez... looks like I am one of the few who doesn't know asahi beer and the term 'super dry' :P

Yea, I agree with you on the food. You heard that the pasta is good? Look forward to your review on that! :)

ice said...

hey dearie i can't tell u much about donuts coz that's one 'sweet' thing i don't quite fancy. i hardly eat them. only when my sis travels & she lugs home dunkin', then only will i nip the boston creme but that's about it. no more for the next few..years? wahaha. i don't like the smell that comes w donuts...

but it's so sweet your hub got them for u coz u like them. =)

for me? icecream and yogurt anytime. =)

btw i was at anchorpoint today for jap food. CMI. =S saw the disney shop also. looks like it's not going to make it soon too. hehe.

Food Lover said...

Nah... I don't really like the donuts - I merely gave it a 5! :P

It's my hub's thoughts that I like. hehz... ^.^

oh yes! LOL! I heard about the CMI Jap restaurant in Anchorpoint too.

You mean there were not many customers at Disney Naturally? And I thought that they could MI. kekeke

I was at the vicinity yesterday too! :)

ice said...

seems like we 'hang out' at the same places... wahaha. the 'hang-out kids'. =P

Food Lover said...

yeah... wat a coincidence! :)