Friday, February 22, 2008

Bangkok Jam

I was oh so deprived of Thai food ever since my hub went to Thailand on business trip. He came back feeling so sick of Thai food that he declared he won't be touching Thai food for the longest time.

That was bad news to me. I was kept away from Thai food for like, months? :(

Anyways, came this day when he had a meal not too long before we meet for dinner.

"I'm not hungry"
"So I guess I can opt for whatever I like? Say, Thai food?"

Without a second word, I scurried to this Thai restaurant in Great world City - Bangkok Jam.

He wasn't hungry, but I knew he wasn't just going to watch me eat. He ordered the following 'side dish'.

Gai Kaw Baiteoy (8/10)
parcels of marinated chicken wrapped in pandanus leaves

The noise he made from unwrapping the pandan leaves caught the attention of a boy on the next table, who later asked to have the same dish. haha!

Gang keow wan kai/pla (9/10)
green curry with chicken, baby eggplants, wild ginger and basil leaves

This dish was fabulous, I tell ya. Having this type of dish makes you feel that the white Jasmine rice on your plate is never enough. After I have finished the rice, I scooped up the gravy and drank as if it was a bowl of soup. :P I kept my fingers crossed that I will not have to run for the toilet in the middle of the show later. >_<

Bangkok Jam's Banana Tempura (7/10)

This banana tempura didn't score as I subconsciously compared it with the sweeter goreng pisangs found in hawker centres. Those are still the best around.

The ice-cream's not bad though.

Warm, friendly and efficient waiters and waitresses

$29.65 (Before using the 50% voucher I had)

Great World City

We went for the movie "L" after the meal. Slightly disappointed, but why am I not surprised? It's a 'spin-off' afterall.

And no, I didn't have to leave my seat during the show. Thank goodness. :P


ice said...

wahaha Bangkok Jam!! u beat me to this le...was planning to check it out soon...maybe next week. but i know BJ is Thai-infused cuisine. not really authentic Thai coz i read they seem to have F&C (hur?) and burgers (hur hur?!) alongside Thai food! >.< banana tempura looks good though...(read: desserts! =P)

anyway, pls pls go try A-Roy and First Thai (this one is cheap haha - free tissue box & no GST/ svc charge =P). they are the best IMHO. oh just went Yhingthai Palace yest, but i didnt really enjoy my food except... keke desserts. =P

Food Lover said...

Yoo hoo! Finally ahead of you, for once! LOL!

They do? I don't recall seeing that on the menu. Maybe I was too focused looking for my green curry, that my eyes just filtered out the rest of the dishes automatically. ha!

Given your sweet tooth, you are likely to be disappointed with the banana tempura. Not sweet at all. :P

muahahah okies... will go try one of these days!

oh wells, what's new? You are the dessert queen! kekeke