Saturday, February 23, 2008

Botak Jones

Despite the many outlets across the island, none of them seems to be located somewhere within my easy access.

Which is why even after the good word-of-mouth, favourable blog reviews (eg. Foodie Gymmie ), and their regular chanting of "Damn good food at a damn good price" on the radio, I wasn't too ready to visit any of the outlets...

Not until this fateful day when I found myself lost along the streets of Namly Garden with JN after the cupcake lessons. A quick sweep down the bus directory showed that the nearest MRT station that we could go to is at Clementi.

If my memory serves me well, the only outlet that is within a 5 minutes walk from a MRT station is none other than the one at Clementi. I suggested to JN about lunching at this place. Having heard much about this stall too, she readily agreed.

Chicken Gumbo (8/10)
Made with Cajun veggies, chicken, turkey sausage and our magic mix of herbs and spices.

It's made of herbs and spices and everything nice. :D

Fish and Chips (8/10)
Premium pacific dory breaded with Japanese bread crumbs

The tartare sauce was quite different from the ones I have tasted, but in the positive way. :) Quite special, I would say.

The crispy fries that were generously flavoured with their own (read: secret) mixed spices, was a refreshing change from the type of fries we usually eat.

My only grouse is that the fries were not evenly dusted with the spices. Neither was the crispiness consistent throughout the same batch. I guess that is pretty evident from the photos above.

Good news for those with bigger appetites! You can ask for more fries upon ordering, at absolutely no extra cost! JN and I did not ask for more. Even then, we were already struggling to finish the ones we were given! >_<"

I love the crumbed layer of this premium pacific dory! The flesh of the fish was pretty alright, but it was nothing like the one I had at Greenwood, for sure. The latter still tops the chart. ;)

I might patronise the stall again if I am within the vicinity, but to make deliberate trips for the food? Hmm... maybe not.

Efficient and friendly

$19 (for 2 reg F&C and 1 upsized Chicken Gumbo soup)

Block 325 Clementi Ave 5
(Kopitiam) #01- 129


ice said...

heard the cajun chicken here is good. eh...can u be a little more imaginative or not hur? wahaha. fish and chips all the time!! =P

Food Lover said...

hahah I did consider ordering cajun chicken, but ended up with my comfort food - fish and chips again. LOL! which wasn't too bad a choice either, me thinks. :P

Ok, ok. Cajun chicken will be the next when I visit this stall again... hehzz... :)

OTC said...

i was there two days ago.. at the same outlet.. the cajun chicken was average i feel... my two cents worth..

Food Lover said...

You were there two days ago? Isn't that the same day I patronised the stall? hahaha! What time did you go?

OTC said...

ooo sad nv get to meet u. i was there at around 4 pm to 5 pm... u?

Food Lover said...

Alamak, I left at about 2pm. Just two hours difference. :P