Sunday, February 24, 2008

Muthu's Curry

I was instantly reminded of the that irritated but funny indian guy in this commercial when I passed by the reception area. kekeke :P

Bryani (6/10)

The rice was quite tasteless on its own and a tad too dry. I am sure you can tell from the photo.

Fish Head Curry (7/10)
The famous Fish Head Curry - Singapore Best Local Dish Award.

I was prepared to do a long 'hmmmm' and go gaga over this dish, just like everyone else. But I didn't. For it was just an okay dish for me. What's with the award and good reviews? *shrugs* So I guess it's a matter of preferences again, huh?

Mixed Vegetables (9/10)

Strangely, their mixed vege was (so much) better. I find myself digging into this dish more than the bigger pot of fish head curry.

Crackers (8/10)

In fact... I enjoyed the crackers more than the fish head curry itself. >_<

We really couldn't make out what the waiter (with his strong indian accent) was trying to tell us. When we asked him to repeat, he did so with much impatience.

Side track a bit: I subconsciously tilted my head to the right and back (just like a typical indian) when he got my order correct. I find that action of mine pretty amusing... kekeke

It was another who attended to us during billing time. He was much more friendly, humble and helpful. He patiently answered our queries pertaining to the menu even though we were done with our food and bills. Now, that is commendable service.


Suntec City Mall


ice said...

hey dear. u seem to like all kinds of food! =P keke.

hey i uploaded lotsa pix on my flickr... for you to drool at....wahaha =) just got a pro account! =)

Food Lover said...

kekeke I am a food lover, remember? I can't seem to resist curry recently. >_<

Looks like you have gotten 'the' camera! Nice photos indeed! What does a pro account have?

Just got to know from Camemberu's blog about the website. You may want to visit and continue drooling from there. kekeke

ice said...

yep. gotten the cam and it has been w me ever since!! poor food. =P

a pro account lets u upload unlimited bytes of pix very month. if not a free account (that anyone can get) only allows 100MB per month, plus only your most recent 200 fotos will show up in your fotostream. a pro account has got more perks. gota pay of coz. >.<

thanks for the lobang!! but i prefer to drool at food pix i can actually go eat!! =P

Food Lover said...

Wah... looks like you are really into this food photography thingy eh?

Good news for us, fellow foodies! :)

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