Saturday, February 23, 2008

WongKok Char Chan Teng 旺角茶餐厅

Believe it or not, I was drawn to this brightly-lit restaurant by the clean and spacious look, rather than the food on the menu! :P

Triple Lime Ginger Fizz (5/10)

I personally find the combination weird. Ginger in a cold drink? One sip is but enough for me. It might probably work on someone who likes lime AND ginger much. For one, my hub said the drink was ok. Oh wells... to each his own. *roll eyes*

Iced honey peach passion fruit tea (8/10)

The waitress gave a chuckle when she saw my shocked expression. I might be her 150th customer with that expression for all you know. This bottle is gigantic! Is this the most recent 'in' thing? This is definitely not the first time I was given drinks in such huge quantity.

I had to resort to lifting my bum off the seat just to have a sip of the drink. Imagine how tall the bottle is, or erm... ok, how short I am. :P The fruit tea was refreshing and not too sweet. So I ain't complaining.

HK Fried Handmade noodle with beef

Me (while taking photos): Is your noodles tasty?
No reply.

Me (while reviewing the photos and in a slightly louder volume): Is your noodles tasty or not??
No reply.

Me (looking up): IS your...
Hub (busy digging into his plate of noodles and answering in between bites) : Yep, not bad.

LOL! His actions told me that it was more than just 'not bad' lor!

Hong Kong 'dry style' handmade noodles with honey chicken (9/10)

I guess this dish was similar to that of hub's. Just that the meat that came along with it was different. The honeyed chicken maintained a slight crisp even though it was completely drenched in the sauce. The mee was savoury and was so good it could be eaten on its own!

There were a few minutes of silence while both of us concentrated on wiping out this ordinary-looking, but delicious food. kekeke...

Ham Roll (2/10)

It was way too saltish. My hub and I gave up on this dish after having 1 serving each. We decided to get something else to compensate for the ham roll. Coincidentally, we were eyeing the same thing.

Peanut butter with condensed milk toast (7/10)

This has got to be the tallest toast I have came across so far. :P which is not exactly a plus point because this means that a huge portion of the toast was not covered with peanut butter and condensed milk. Sometimes, less is more.

But I have to give due credits for the even toasting, resulting in a slight crunch with every bite.

Generally quite acceptable.


Bugis Junction


ice said...

man!! not bad? It's very bad! keke IMHO. =P

I dun like this place at all...personal opinion lah..=( svc sucks especially. the toast also not nice. if u like pb thick toast, try the one fr xinwang@marina sq or tongshui@liang seah str. those 2 RAWK!! =) the pb is really thick and type. + tongshui got horlicks w condensed milk thick toast. much cheaper some more. can u say cool...=)

ps: dessert queen yakking again....=P

Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

i tried the pork chop baked rice and it was pretty yummy! but the ice milk tea tasted weird! :s

Food Lover said...

Ice: oops! but sometimes where service is concerned, it's really a matter of luck. Guess I was lucky to have called upon waitresses who are quite ok. :)

no worries, it's very common to have different experiences in the same restuarant. ;)

but ya, will take note of the recommendations made by pb queen! LOL!

Food Lover said...

Jaime: Before I left, I was telling myself that I should try the baked rice someday. It sure looks good! Now I know what baked rice to choose. hee! Thx!

Go try the passion fruit tea next time! ;)