Friday, February 1, 2008

Azabu Sabo - Hokkaido Ice Cream

Look at the variety of flavours to choose from! :P~~~ I can't decide...

... Actually, I don't have to. I wanted Hokkaido Hot balls, and the top up for ice-cream only comes in one flavour - Vanilla.

Hokkaido Hot balls (7 for the balls and 9 for the ice cream)
Topping was chocolate syrup and almond

Rum and Raisin (Me - 5/10 coz I don't like the flavour. My hub - 9/10. He loves it!)


Hokkaido Hot balls - $2.80+$1
Rum and Raisin single scoop - $3.80

Plaza Singapura


ice said...

wahaha i just had this the other day! go check it out man! i lurve the soft serve vanilla! :)

oh btw HGW just launch a forum! u can go there see see the next time u run out of places to go eat! >.<

InspiredMumof2 said...

Wow, I had ice cream recently too. But this one really good. Slurp!

Food Lover said...

Hey Ice! Just read your blog. hahahh you were there just a day before me! Will try those twirls the next time I patronise the stall.

Thanks for the recommendation on the forum. hehz... saw your post on mentos. :P

Food Lover said...

Hey InspiredMum! yeah... ice cream is a lady's best friend and erm... sometimes an enemy too (when it comes to fats...) :P

ice said...

my blog? haha i don't have one lah! :)

yups the soft serve is really good! plus it's really worth the money for the amount they give! had it again last sun! :p

i tried the rum & raisin. nice wad. at least i tink it's better than the hot fav blueberry-strawberry or green tea. >.<

Food Lover said...

oops! I mean your reviews at HGW. :P

hahah I believe the R&R should be considered nice to most people, since fussy hub likes it too. But like I've mentioned, it's probably just not my type of flavour. :P

Wah! You mean you tried so many flavours already?

ice said...

yep. u forgot that i am queen of everything sweet. wahaha! >.<

tried the milk tea not too bad too. but haato's better. they got nicer flavors & gelato. just walk abit more to liang court lor! can burn more fats before building them. LOL!

Azabu sabo's lychee(yuck)..aiya give me the plain vanilla anytime. but they only have vanilla in soft serve not the handmade gelato. the vanilla u had in your hot balls are not the handmade's a diff kind coz i asked them! :p

Food Lover said...

Glad you mentioned about the lychee. If not, it would probably be one of my top choices if I see that flavour at the counter. :P

So the vanilla ice cream that goes with the hot balls is not the one that you have tasted? And it's already so nice! hehz... can't wait to try your version of the vanilla.

ice said...

it's my personal pref. unless it's really good creamy fruity icecream (like haagen daz strawberry! yums!), i dun really like fruity icecreams that taste dilute w lotsa sugar especially sorbets. yuks!! :p though the lychee they claim to be gelato, it just doesnt go well w me..hmm...but haato rockmelon gelato RAWKS!! & i lurve fruit yogurts. aiya i'm just weird. u depends.. >.<

yups GO TRY THE VANILLA soft serve!!! talking about it makes me drool liao..going to eat it soon!! maybe sun haha.

oh btw have u tried MOF's icecream? nice or not huh?

Food Lover said...

hahaha sure, will go and try. I mean it has to be good, right? You sounded so excited! Hee!!

What's MOF? Ministry of Finance? LOL

ice said...

MOF = Ministry of Food lah! LOL!it's smtg like ajitei/azabu selling the usual jap food & their famous hokkaido icecream. restaurants@Marina square
& bugis junction. takeaway kiosk@raffles city basement.

yups anyway juz to let u hv an idea on the very tall & yummy soft serve cone..a picture on flickr fr one of the floggers that i read.

drool away! :)

Food Lover said...

Wah.. you are everywhere!

Your link is not working ley... but it's ok. I have seen the tall serve cone. A group of girls before us were screaming away excitedly when they saw the tall serve cone. hehz...

ice said...

how about ?

now really drool away!!! :)

ice said...

hey beware! :p coz i think only the outlet w the soft serve ice creams is The Central one. Taka's t/a outlet doesnt have. i tried asking the main Marina outlet they refused to let me take away the soft serve! i pouted. >.< maybe the plaza sing one don't have too!!

Food Lover said...

Really? but if the soft serve is what you have shown me the other time, then I am pretty sure I saw the girls in front of me order that.

Maybe I would do a double check before I order in outlets other than Central. Thx for the alert! ;)

ice said...

oh cool.thanks for telling me that the Plaza Singapura outlet has!!

more calories... >.<

Food Lover said...

oooops! :P

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.