Thursday, February 14, 2008

Donut Factory

"Look at what I have gotten for you. It's in the fridge", my hub prompted me when I came back.

I thought he must have bought something for me to eat again, but it was more than that.

"You light up my life." The first words that put a wide smile across my face.

Oh... Donut factory. I've heard all the raves (and queues) on this, but I never had the urge (nor the time) to join the crowd in this donut frenzy. Not even at the suntec branch with shorter queues. I will try the donuts... only if I didn't have to queue.

My hub was with me all along. He doesn't believe in following the trends blindly either. Which is why he surprised with me this box of donuts. When I opened up the box, I was touched. No tears, but yea, it moved me. Knowing that it's just not my hub's style to queue up for such stuff.

When I saw these words




on the donut, I just have to pounce onto him and give him a real big hug. He's such a sweetie!

Some say it's Friendship Day. Chillycraps prefers to call it a Thursday (That's a good one! lol). To me, it's still a Valentine's Day! :)

Many commented that Valentine's Day is too commercialised with rocket-high prices for set dinners, flowers and chocolates. That is why they choose to spend the day just like any normal day. While I agree that couples should not only display their affections by spending lavishly on this day and taking each other for granted again on the next or remaining days, I feel that a little surprise on this special day does help to spice up life (and love) a little. I am glad that my hub is still putting in effort on this, however small the gesture is. :)

Donuts (5/10)
This donut by itself can only earn a 5. It's way too sweet. Even sweeter than my hub. >_<" I am glad I didn't have to queue up for that.

$11 (My hub said it only costs about $7 on usual days) :P

Raffles City

Happy Valentine's day! Happy Friendship Day (or Thursday) to all! ^.^


chillycraps said...

ooooooo really lovely donuts!!!!!!!

too bad i'm single. =P

ice said...

So SWEET your hub!! =D

happy valentine's day!

wahaha if i were u i wun eat the donuts. i will frame them up! wahaha >_<

it's thursday...keke.

Food Lover said...

hee... singles can eat those lovely donuts too... ;P

Come, come and help me finish up the donuts... otherwise it will be my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. >_<"

Food Lover said...

Thanks, Ice! :D

wahhahah If I could frame them up, I really would! Well, actually I did 'frame' them up. With a camera. ;)

LOL! two votes for 'Thursdays'. One vote for 'Valentine's Day'. Friendship day, anyone?? hehehe

ice said...

everyday! =)

Food Lover said...


Anonymous said...

haha, donuts factory!! is nice! so sweet of your hub. erm, u should reframe from eating too much sweet stuff.. heard of sugar being converted to fats? haha.. and and, why is CC here again?

Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

awww! so sweet, u lucky woman! i vote for friendship day! :P

Food Lover said...

OTC: I find it way too sweet liao. Unlikely to have donuts from that stall again. LOL! ok ok, I know I am very fat already. Thanks for your reminder hor! >_<

Hmm... why can't cc be here? :P

Food Lover said...

Hee! Thanks, Jaime. ^.^

Wah... there is at least a vote for all 3! Rather balanced eh? :D

ice said...

oh yes whoops yet another waistline-threatening piece of info. =P (fr m'sia)just opened @ raffles city basement near donut factory. their donuts supposed to be way much better.