Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mr Avocado

I am a very visual person. But no, I am not a guy. lol! ;)

Anything that goes into my mouth must go through the intial stage of strict screening and filtering by my eyes. In general, I don't like to try food that doesn't look good or comes in 'weird' colours (IMO). The following is a very good example.

Avocado Shake (9/10)

That's why I frowned when my hub bought 2 glasses. I thought I merely wanted a sip!

After I took my first sip, I was soooo glad he bought 2 glasses. Never mind the green, 'ugly' liquid I see, this Avocado shake that I drank was really good stuff. Rich, milky and fragrant.


Alexandra Village Hawker Centre

The first thing the lady said when she brought the drinks to us was, 'Do make sure you get the correct stall the next time. We lost many customers to them'. Apparently, my hub almost went to the 'imitation' stall when they called out to him, but returned to the original one after seeing so many write ups and photos from the media at the stall.

So peeps, don't go to the wrong stall, ya?


ice said...

aiyos! food nazis!! O_O

Food Lover said...

What's food nazis? :P