Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ramen Santouka

Shoyu Ramen - Soya Sauce (6/10)

The meat was tender and flavourful. The noodles was on the thicker side, but that's ok. The soup base was really saltish... I like! :P

The whole Ramen tasted just like instant noodles topped with ingredients. Some people compare ramen to instant noodles when they find the dish 'substandard' or 'not-worth-the-price', but when I compare ramen with instant noodles (with myojo instant noodles -chicken flavour in mind), I meant it to be a compliment. :P

However, came a stage when the ramen became too excessively saltish. So an original 8 rating averages to a mere 6.

The number of people seated in this small restaurant is probably just as many as those queuing outside. :P I only took the pics of the interior (above) and not at the long queue in case I infuriate the hungry (aka angry) people. :P

$28+ for the two bowls above

The Central


ice said...

keke. u went there... >.<

u should have tried the toroniku pork cheeks. those are the really stuff at ramen santouka. =)

Food Lover said...

yeah... didn't realise that it is the same restuarant as what you have reviewed earlier on!

Seriously I have not heard of pork cheeks. :P But it sure sound like a must try! :)