Friday, February 8, 2008

Haagen Daz

As in previous years, we went down to River Hongbao to have a feel of the Chinese New Year Festival. We didn't really comb the whole area before heading towards the Esplanade.

I was hungry for dinner, but my hub wasn't. While searching for a restaurant to satisfy my hunger, we passed by Haagen Daz.

"We can make use of our S$25 voucher!", I exclaimed, before realising that it was a bad time to bring this out.

Before I can react further, I found myself in the restaurant with my hub.

I wasn't too inclined to have ice cream for dinner, but I convinced myself
that I need to cut down on my weight anyway. Having just ice cream for dinner might just help. *try to forget the fats and sweets*

I wanted waffle with ice cream, but their machine for making was spoilt. :(

New York Brownie (8/10) - Brownie with Cookies & Cream and Coffee Ice Cream
It was a nice treat, but nothing to shout about.

Banana Split (8/10)

My hub wanted something (can't rem) but they don't have it either. So he chose to have the classic banana split. Again, pretty ordinary, but nice enough.

We waited more than 20 minutes for the ice cream!

$33.80 (pluses not included) for both sets

That was the first time I dined in. Frankly speaking, I doubt I would dine in at Haagen Daz again, unless of course, I have another voucher. The ice-cream are good but not that good to match up with the price. Even if I have cravings, I would probably stick to my tubs.


Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Avenue

On our way to the MRT station via the open area, we saw many people crowding along the river and facing the tall office buildings with cameras in their hands. We figured out that something spectacular was coming up, so we waited.


It was a beautiful 5-minutes fireworks display! I was so happy that I was there to catch it with my hub! It really lifts up my mood!

Happy CNY, everyone! :D

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