Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cedele Depot

I have always wanted to try the cakes at Cedele Depot after I read about them at Cheryl's blog. I knew that the chances of me visiting this place are very slim because my hub doesn't like cakes and stuff.

Much to my delight, I managed to convince my hub into having a tea break at Cedele on Saturday. He can have the sandwiches while I have the cake. Brilliant!

The cakes were beckoning me, and yet, for some strange reasons, I decided to order a sandwich combi meal instead. BAD choice. :( Sorry, cakeys... I will make sure I won't miss out on you the next time, I promise. >_<

Wild Mushroom Soup (5/10)

Rosemary Chicken Sandwich (6/10)

Bacon and Mushroom Omelette Sandwich (7/10)

Impatient lady at the cashier



Raffles City Shopping Centre


ice said...

oh yeah.cedele's cakes are quite good. my sis loves the carrot cake (too healthy for me lol). their choc truffle cake's supposed to be one of ST's top 10 choc desserts in singapore!

haha there goes the dessert queen again...=P

ice said...

sori forgot to add... their muffins are much much better!!! i like the cranberry orange and blueberry crumble ones :)

can't stop rambling when it comes to desserts. hehe.

Food Lover said...

Lol... thanks for your recommendations once again! I was actually rather undecided on which cake to try. Too many choices. But I did eye the choc truffle!

Wah... you are not only a centra-cum-HV-kid, but also a dessert queen! haha

ice said...

aiyos now u make me shy wo...

Food Lover said...