Thursday, October 2, 2008

Italian Pizza

Pizza (9/10)

Do not belittle this ordinary looking pizza. It may not have rich toppings (in fact, it has nothing more than tomato!), but with its thin and crispy crust (albeit charred), it's pizza at its best.

This is the first time I manage to finish four slices of a pizza at one go!

ooo... he's one happy Italian chef.

Hot dog bun (6/10)

I think they better stick to what they are best at - pizzas.


Yvonne said...

the pizza box is so darn cute!

Food Lover said...

Yeah! So different from the plain pizza box that we have huh?

Anonymous said...


So where is this Italian Pizza place and do they have home delivery in Singapore?

Food Lover said...

Hi Anonymous, I took this pizza in Italy itself. Wouldn't it be great if they sell it in Singapore too? :)