Friday, October 31, 2008

Ichiban Boshi

We have been to Ichiban Boshi for quite a number of times before. This post is specially dedicated to a very efficient and friendly staff at Suntec Outlet - Mary.

Thanks to her, our experience at Ichiban was even better than before. Just to cite one of the few things she did that night.

1) She was very prompt and efficient, to the extent that before we finished ordering our food, my favourite Chawanmushi arrived at my table - piping hot. Yes, it's that fast! She asked her colleague to bring it out while we were recollecting the food that we wanted to order. :P

2) She came to our table frequently to check if all our orders are here and rushed the kitchen staff even though we did not ask her to do so!

3) She helped me pick up a card that I dropped when she saw that I was in an awkward position to get it.

Overall food rating - 8/10

Just a few photos to share.

Mini Cha Soba

comes free from the 'stamps' that we have collected.

3 Temasek Boulevard Unit B,
Suntec City Mall

$40+ (even after $20 'stamp' discount)

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