Friday, October 24, 2008

HK Kim Gary Restaurant

The long queue and all the extreme good/bad reviews got me curious.

When I saw that there was only a duo in front of us, I quickly prompted my hub to stand in the queue. "What's this restaurant?" he asked. To think he has never even heard of Kim Gary nor seen the queue! >_<'

We were lucky to get the window seat!

Soup (7/10)

Pork Chop Baked Rice (8/10)

Chicken baked rice in two sauces (6/10)

Honey Lemon (8/10)

Aloe vera drink (5/10)

Peanut butter toast with condensed milk (6/10)

I thought that was what Ice recommended. It turned out that I got mixed up! Excuse: I read the post more than half a year ago! :P

My hub and I were 'fighting' for the areas covered with peanut butter and condensed milk because the 'coverage' was simply too little. They should be a lil' more generous in the spread.



ice said...

Whoops! You've got the wrong toast! Kim Gary's french toast with peanut butter is better than their thick toast which is not nice haha. For thick toast try Xin Wang or Tong Shui. Those 2 would make your tongue stick to the roof of your mouth, too much peanut butter. :)

I like Hong Kong Cafe's french toast best.

Food Lover said...

hahah yea! I realised I got the wrong toast when I tasted it - your recommendations are usually better than that! :P Will remember it this time!