Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We got this from hub's colleague's baby showers.

Gobi mini cakes (9/10)

It was so yummy, that I popped another into my mouth immediately after I finished one. ^-^

Disturbingly Delightful Desserts.
Pity my hub didn't even try a single one (not that I left him with none). :P

For those who are getting cakes for baby showers or as a Christimas gift (they have other varieties), do consider them!


Yvonne said...

ooh i've been wanting to try gobi for the longest time!

actually it's kinda funny how they used "disturbing" to describe their delightful desserts haha!

Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

i love GOBI! they are very pretty! :)

Food Lover said...

Yvonne: You should try it! :D I passed by the Gobi shop at The Central for the first time last week but was in a hurry for another appt! Missed it again!

Yeah... I pondered over the word for quite a while too. Maybe it's disturbing that you can't eat all the delicious desserts at one go - sinful mah. hahaha :P

Food Lover said...

Jaime: Very pretty indeed! And they have a good taste to match. :)